College Clubs Custom T-shirt Printing

At FRESHLAND printing, we love to work with College Clubs and Student Organizations.


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We understand that many clubs are limited on their budget, and are often under-resourced. We’re more than happy to step in and help out, giving you the highest quality of custom t-shirt printing at a price that works for your budget.

College Clubs Custom T-shirt Printing

The most important thing to us as a screen printing company located in Los Angeles, CA is to develop long lasting relationships with our clients and to be a resource to you in every way possible. We understand that you have needs as a student organization, and you need to get high quality product, that you love to wear, and that fits your budget needs.

As a company, we do incredibly high-quality screen printing for lots of college
clubs, businesses, individuals, etc… and fully understand helping clubs get
the best value while sticking to their budget needs. We’ll never sacrifice on
quality, and we look forward to maintaining the relationships we build.

We’ve made a point to tie in with lots of college clubs this last year and to be
a resource to them. We’d love to do that for you as well. Shoot me a quick e-mail
back and let me know what you’re looking to get made. Do you have a design, a
logo, an overall idea ready to go? Or if all you know is that you need shirts, that’s
fine too. We can help with the design process for you, get you mockups to check
out, and we’ll get the process rolling for you, headache free.It’s all a super easy
and fast process and we have a great turnaround time. We would be stoked to
partner with you and help you out.

Reach out to me when you are ready, or if you have any questions, and I will get
it going for you ASAP. Feel free to e-mail or call anytime for a quote or to discuss
the process and details.

Thank you and looking forward to working with you.

Machi Block
[email protected]

Look no further. We specialize in making the t-shirt printing process headache free for you and are happy to get you set up with the most comfortable product on the market at a price that works for you.
More often than not, as an officer of a student club, you’ve got your hands full with all kinds of planning, organization, and demands that have you stressed out and slammed. You need to get shirts made to promote the club, to reward the members, and to help build your college club’s presence on campus, but you don’t know where to look, and you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. This can get pretty stressful at times, and you don’t want to deal with a bunch of unknowns.
This is where we come in and provide simple solutions for you. We know apparel, and we understand the screen printing process very well.
Let us cut out the hassle and the headache for you and simply get you what you want and need, worry free. We like to make the process and quick and as simple as possible.
You tell us what you are hoping to get made and send us your design if you have one already, (shirt qty, colors, sizes, designs, etc…) and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll do a quick mockup for you so that you can see what your design will look like on a shirt, we’ll give you an easy quote/price breakdown, and we’ll make sure everything lines up with your budget. Furthermore, we’ll suggest the best product on the market for you that you and your members will absolutely love to wear. Too expensive? No problem, we’ll find a budget that works for you without sacrificing the quality. We’re more concerned with building real relationships and helping you out.
If you don’t have a design, our talented team of graphic designers can handle that for you as well.
Once you are happy with the proof and good to go with the budget, we’ll send you an invoice, get your product ordered in, and get everything printed and shipped to you as quickly as possible. We have very fast turnaround times.

So if you’re looking to get custom t-shirts or apparel printed for you club, reach out to us today and let’s get it going for you!

We don’t have minimum quantities. We don’t believe in it. You’re simply trying to get some shirts made so that you can promote your school club, get more members in, and show some pride for your organization. You might not have a large amount of members, and every other screen printing shop is going to give you a hard time about meeting a certain qty of shirts, but not us. We’re here to support you.

Our prices for custom t-shirts are great as it is. We print on the highest quality product and give a great rate. But if you have specific budget restrictions, no problem. Just let us know and we’ll find ways to work the quote in your favor to get you exactly what you need without sacrificing quality.

You’re in good hands with Freshland Screen Printing.

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